Wednesday, June 27, 2007

What will challenge adwords?

Decision makers in most companies still don’t get the ins and outs of the Paid per Click (PPC) online marketing, which is the famous cash cow for Google.

London-based ISM (Internet Search Management) says that most companies overspend while buying paid search results.

So, is ignorance on part of business executives making Google richer?
This is not a simple as this and is only as true as the fact that the web newbie constitute a big part of adsense clickers.

Banner ad campaigns, which were kings of the hill before adsense, are coming back to form. Ebay which recently stopped PPC ads on Google, has opted for banner ads on other networks.

However, this must also be seen in light of eBay’s nervousness vis-à-vis Google checkout and Google Base.

Can Paid Search build brands?
The jury is still out on this.

CPA (cost per action) is new but promising.

Openads, which sells open source ad servers already used by thousands of web sites is fast entering the ‘in thing’ brandspace. Consider Openads as the free version of Doubleclick, which was recently bought by Google.

Then there are those who say that instead of spending huge amounts on PPC, site owners must make their sites as SEO-friendly as possible, going only for now-and-then small-sized adwords campaigns.

Paraphrasing what others have already said:
To defeat Google, you need to defeat it in the ad business.

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