Friday, July 20, 2007

7 Perspectives on Andrew Keen's hatred for User Generated Content

What makes Andrew Keen so angry at the 'ameteurish' web 2.0 people? There was this Indian film from the 80s and I paraphrase, in Hindi: "Andrew Keen ko gussa kyon aata hai?"

The top reasons, in no particular order:

1. Some say Andrew Keen still hasn't gotten over the failure of, a casualty of the 2000 web bubble burst.

2. Some say Andrew Keen is unhappy because someone deliberately posted this on his bio entry on Wikipedia, which incidentally is one of his favorite hate objects: "he was also "a child actor who found fame in a series of soup commercials" (not correct)

3. Some say because his blog is not as famous as others, he has gotten around to saying that "bloggers don't read enough". Don't tell this to Robert Scoble. I wonder what the people at Google Reader, Feedburner and Bloglines make of this gem.

4. Others point out that maybe Andrew Keen does not consume mainstream/old media fodder and that is why he can't find any fault with it, despite of Fox news, Jason Blair and other old media luminaries.

Or maybe someone paid him well to ignore the corrupt and compromised part of old media and do a hatchet job on new media instead.

5. Or, maybe Andrew Keen was a librarian or an editor in his previous life.

6. Some say Andrew Keen wanted to become a gatekeeper, ala Old Media, but no one put any grass before him.

7. Finally, Andrew Keen knows the truth but will deny it, for there is no money in truth : "Amateurs built the ark; professionals built the Titanic"

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