Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Graduating from a ‘lone ranger ’ to ‘authorized’ blogger

I would go ahead and put most of my fellow bloggers in the ‘lone ranger’ blogger category, endless putting forth opinion pieces, rants, analysis and whatever else that passes for free voice.

In other words, our words can be hard and we don’t shy away from using derogatory words and assorted put downers.

All this goes for an overhaul when someone up there hears your voice (or had too much of it) and promotes to you a position where you are writinge as an authorized blogger, as a reporter for a regular news organization.

Your writing style changes and you find yourself doing ‘balanced’ pieces.
You begin to find that people who you earlier ridiculed were just your average folks, not so bad and calculating after all.

Jay Lassitor, a political blogger in New Jersey was ‘lone’ blogger who graduated to being an authorized blogger and found his outlook towards his subjects had changed. In his earlier avatar, he constantly ridiculed local politicians and legislators, calling them with vicious names, but that changed:

“I don’t find myself launching firebomb campaigns anymore …this whole exercise has kind of mellowed me out. These people in here, they seem like they’re doing their best.”

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