Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Is online news more fleeting than print and TV?

I read somewhere that the life of an online news article is 32 hours. Or, is it lesser?
A reader asks NYT Digital news Editor Jim Editor about the celebrity-driven coverage that pervades most news web sites and blogs.

Mr. Roberts explains NYT’s position as:

…on the Web we have the ability to publish news that is being talked about today but might be fading from memory as early as tomorrow morning when the newspaper is published. While we focus most of our efforts on more significant events, like Iraq, the presidential campaign or the immigration debate, there are some stories of such novelty that people will be talking about them on subway platforms, in offices and over the dinner table.

We feel our Web readers should not have to go elsewhere to learn of things that may have less historic significance but still have commanded significant public attention.

In other words, celebrity (and gadget) coverage is for instant page views adsense clicks, which in turn may be subsidizing serious news coverage.

That would be nice if most news sites and blogs use this business model to fund long, investigative pieces that have a longer shelf value.

We know that is not true and we have to look for better news models.

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