Thursday, July 12, 2007

Problems with modern media: Stealth advertising as news

Stealth advertising covers a gamut of advertising outside of regular ad blocks during programming – commercial messages disguised as regular programming. Researchers at the University of Oregon did a content analysis of evening newscasts across the United States and found that 90% of the newscasts contained ‘at least 1 instance per newscast of stealth advertising’.

Robert Lipsyte writes in the USAToday that the four F’s – Food, Fashion, Fitness and Finances are masquerading as news, eating into space in the mainstream media (and elsewhere) meant for useful information.

The A-listers-Federated Media- Microsoft’s people ready controversy illustrates that this trend is moving online as well.

This is the age of pseudo news. There is too much of media. There are too many journalists chasing frivolous stories to pay for their salaries...there are many problems with modern media.

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