Monday, July 16, 2007

Will someone please write the history of all those who were made by blogging?

As usual, the mainstream media made a hash of understanding new media, and while we are at that, understanding any new piece of technology. The WSJ seems to have been sloppy with fact-check about how old blogging is (hint: ask Dave Winer).

Michael Arrington adds in to say that it is time someone wrote the history of blogging.

My money is on someone writing a comprehensive history about how people used blogging to meet specific ends – making money, creating new media brands, bringing change, uncovering facts, building is a big list and there are many people to interview.

Start with the tactics (and timing) behind the success of big blogs including Mike’s Techcrunch, Gawker and Weblogsinc network, Treehugger, and a host of other champions.

P.S.: The emphasis should be on tactics.

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