Monday, August 20, 2007

Facebooks costs Australian Businesses $5 billion a year

A recent report from the SurfControl, an internet filtering company, calculates that if an employee in an Australian Business spends an hour each day on Facebook – busy poking, trawling, bird watching and other assorted activities, it costs the employer $6200 a year and there are around 800,000 workplaces in Australia – reaching to a collected tally of $5 billion a year.

While it is not sure whether all these workplaces have employees enamored with Facebook, there are other social networking sites to boot.

It is still not clear whether social networking can be harvested for professional ends; you seriously can’t imagine spending 1 hour daily on LinkedIn.

Richard Cullen from SurfControl says that there are Facebook groups dedicated to slacking off at work.

But what is true for businesses in Australia may also be true for businesses everywhere.

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