Wednesday, August 15, 2007

How Print and Web 2.0 can co-exist successfully

Tim O’Reilly analyzes an interview that Dale Dougherty, the publisher of Make: Magazine did with Publishing Executive Magazine.

Why Print publishers must embrace Web 2.0:

Dale has this to say:
…(with user-generated content) you are expanding your sources at the same time you are deepening the relationship you have with your audience—again as individuals, not as an abstract demographic.

Tim adds in,
The secret of success in publishing is finding these people and pouring fuel on their fire. Web 2.0 isn't just technology; it's attitude. If you're a publisher who looks down on "user-generated content," you're probably also a follower, not a leader, since you'll never find the great new ideas that almost always emerge from the edge.

Dale points out to the enduring value of print:
We can do things in print that you just can’t do online—and one is hold a person’s attention for a longer period of time.

That’s a virtue. If a magazine is not going to be visually interesting and stimulating—which is to say as smart as it is beautiful to look at—why should readers care to buy this print product? If you’re going to pour lots of text in columns, you might as well put it online.

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