Saturday, August 04, 2007

Moving up from Navel Gazing, ver. 2.0

If you remember, I asked A-list bloggers to put their egos in hibernation and write about issues important for the health and direction of the IT industry – patents, bubble 2.0, innovation (Pownce is just a super-mini version of Gmail), Digital Divide and government regulation, among other things.

Supporting the stance of, Paul Kim, who works for Mozilla, goes one up over my idea and says that the whole blogosphere must focus on more important issues on hand - and become the do-good blogosphere. Paul’s vote is for more coverage of green living– sustainable environment, climate change.

You cannot deny that there are a whole lot of important issues that need our immediate coverage - freedom of expression, media hypocrisy, advertising masquerading as news, collusion between media and the business-political complex, gatekeepers, hate crimes…it is a big list.

Note to A-listers: If you find all this ‘heavy’, you can start by ferreting out hate groups on social networking sites, or create a dynamic index that tracks the topic of conversation online. Remember the Kathy Sierra incident?

Start by using Paul's Subscription list to 'good blogs'.

P.S.: If you like, go through MediaVidea’s 9 month old archive, and you would find some issues that you can explore in detail.

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