Monday, August 06, 2007

Terrorist Tube

Today, Channel 4 in Britain is going to give Abu Muhammad, a radical Muslim the opportunity to air his support for terrorism on television. The Director of the show Phil Rees, is the author of the book “Dining with the terrorists” and he thinks that 'Journalists should present the views of radicals in such a way that they are not pushed towards violence'.

The reasoning is thus: you take away someone’s voice; you are making him/her really pissed off.

This should be interesting, way more entertaining than ads from politicians, politicians reading speeches and manifestos during election time, and that most vaunted of all Terrorist Media tactic – the Video.

I look forward to see what British Audience thinks about a Muslim radical calling upon British Muslims to,
arm themselves to prevent the kaffir [non-believer] from coming into their home, terrorizing their families, frightening their children and invading their privacy . . . they have to be prepared to pay the price and fight back."

The word is mightier than the bullet? We shall see.

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