Monday, August 13, 2007

The Wasted Parked Domains

If you were an enterprising online publisher, you would surely be unhappy with the ways of Parked Domain Players, most of whom have booked and parked topical 1-5 word domains as mere bank deposits.

This is shame, for these domain names cover some of the most desirable, albeit generic names –,, and others.

The domaineer’s logic is simple: wait, wait and sell the domain to the highest bidder. But, history tells us that so far only and have netted the players good returns and I bet was working just as fine.

A bootstrapping publisher can’t afford these domains and those that can will obviously focus on creating ‘get me some quick returns’ kind of publishing, which leaves out any scope for patient and dogged good content creation.

This article here has a good list of great but sadly wasted parked domain names and their pitiful Pagerank and Alexa traffic numbers.

Some say, there ought to be a time limit for using a booked domains and I agree.

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At 9:45 PM , Blogger John said...

So if a person owns land and just has a parking lot on that land, do you have a problem with that?

Domain names are the same as real estate. You can hold them as long as you want and wait to develop on them.

And maybe you should read into this some more before making incorrect statements such as "But, history tells us that so far only and have netted the players good returns".

What history are you reading? Billions have been made in domain investing.

At 1:54 PM , Blogger Pramit Singh said...

Good points, John.

Maybe it is me, I am the romantic type who thinks the Internet was supposed to be different.



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