Monday, September 10, 2007

Bugroff: the social networking site you can’t sign up for

I am not sure whether they were inspired by Groucho Marx’s dictum about ‘not becoming a member of a club that would accept you’ or that they were plain tired of social networking, spamming and combine B.S. flying all around, but you must give it to the Bugroff, the new antisocial networking site for those of us who prefer being left to themselves, no more friend requests from complete strangers to accept.

‘Because enough is enough’, you can’t sign up to Bugroff since you are not invited. If you manage to get in, there’s a lot you can do:

- Post no pictures of yourself or friends
- Invite no one else to join
- Switch status between 'unavailable, 'hiding' and 'dead'
- Keep what you're doing now private
- Receive no communications of any sort
- Generally hide away

Found via JD Lasica

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