Friday, September 21, 2007

Email is so in

If you are like me and numbed by all those mindless chatter about email being so out, and younger people opting for social networking over other tools, I suggest you read Om Malik’s latest asks whether Email is the ultimate social environment.

Pointing correctly that there is a big difference between using social networking (mostly fun, time pass and anything that passes in the name of communication) and email (work) and that there are similarities (spam), Om goes on say this about the latest batch of deals and web 2.0-ish product enhancements from current and new players in the email business:

Given its critical role in our digital lives, I wonder if email could be the underpinning of a social environment — much less a social network and more a “relationship and interaction manager that aggregates various social web services”

that doesn’t require rewiring our brains and changing our behavior.

What can really change the email + web 2.0 scene si if Google decides to make Gmail into a platform, opening it for other developers and guessing by current readings, I think a lot has to be done on this.

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