Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The only web 2.0 advice you should read this year

Not the type to be taken in by the spiel of PR types, I have usually given scant attention to what Steve Rubel has had to say this far but he has come up with a gem this time around.

Forget Facebook and its tireless valley evangelists for a while.
Time to pay attention to all the work put in by bloggers and web 2.0 startups.

How do we get compensated for all that investment of time and money we put in producing all that content?

I am sure not all of us are desperate rewriters and more sure that not all of us are lucky, first-on-the-scene bloggers who have a cushy job or a money-minting book deals by the side.

The only way we can get some return for our online efforts is to act like any real world publisher would do – all tricks included.

Showing none of the symptoms of the phrase-making disease that PR people are plagued with, Steve keeps his ear to the ground this time and says,

... many online communities, bloggers, social networks will never attract a critical mass of advertisers because they are not set up properly to attract visitors who have a commercial intent to buy products and services. Online media is not sold this way now, but I bet it will be in the very near future.

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