Tuesday, September 11, 2007

There are worse things online than adsense

I have gone through Nick Carr’s recent takes on the new browser plug in Adblockplus and how it may go nuclear for Google and I can see Microsoft smirking around the corner.

I can detect the dilemma in Nick’s mind, him being a far-seeing thinker and all, who thinks ad– blocking may be immoral, using the free stuff on web publishers’ sites without any personal overhead, when most online publishers are not in Wikipedia’s position – Paypal donations are far and few and Micropayments never took off.

But, eventually, the so-called hypocritical purist in Nick takes over and he concludes that even Jesus would abandon the ‘Vegas style’ ad-splattered Net and use Ad block plus.

I bet some ad block plus copycat would be using this tagline in his adwords campaign soon.

If Jesus were to use Ad Block plus, he would be batting for the big online publishers and websites and the old way of 'big site+ display ad deals+ payment only mode' will be back in vogue and that would mean that the old adage of ‘ God works for the rich’ would indeed be still be true.

Besides, the net would be taking a few steps back.

I haven’t tried it, but if Adblockplus is for blocking adsense type ads only, then it is a positive case of ‘wrong product, wrong category’.

Granted that there are made for adsense sites and blogs, spam/rewriting blog networks, and many advertisers are conned by spurious publishers but this is taking it too far and commentators ought to get off their high horses.

Try all you can, but the old and pure early 90s type ad-free,WELL-era net is not going to come back.

Jesus would be loving it that information and communication has become more widely and cheaply available to ‘commoners’ instead of some elite user base operating in the United States.

As it is, people who don’t click on adsense can be seen using and evangelizing Adblock plus, to cosmetic effects in this case.

There are worse things online and offline than adsense.

How about Spamblock plus? How about Spamblockplus on social networking sites?
How about Popupblockplus, Keywordpopupadplusplus, telemarketerblockplus…?

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