Saturday, October 13, 2007

Not everyone plays the media game

Doris Lessing, the 88 year old celebrated author, having won almost all other awards and long been in the running for the Nobel prize is 2007 Nobel prize winner for literature and as someone who championed feminist ideals long before it came into fashion, was characteristically quiet about the it all:

Oh Christ! ... I couldn't care less.

In these times, when even the winner of a reality shows for second rate celebrities is hailed as a hero and when politicians think image before performance, it is refreshing to see real achievers not getting caught up in the act.

Doris Lessing also added that that the Nobel Prize prize "doesn't mean anything artistically."

But, the media will be, well…media.

When Amartrya Sen won the Nobel Prize for Economics and an Indian journalist asked him did he feel proud as an Indian to have won something so big, the great man was pretty annoyed about this Nationalistic spin to things.

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