Friday, October 12, 2007

Sign of times: young people protest RIAA, not war

In a New York Times story about students protesting the pudgy and heavy hands of the music industry, a student explains why young people aren’t rallying more around the Iraq war, leaving that to grieving parents,

…If there were a draft, we probably would be. Students are so quick to fight for this cause because we're the ones bearing the burden.

Like the Valleywag, I am not sure about the burdens faced by students, notwithstanding the crippling college loans.

Out here in India, in New Delhi, students will protest, burn buses if the absurdly low rates of bus pass are raised, willing to spend more than what a monthly pass costs on the new movie or in the canteens.

Are young people prisoners of their own vices and distractions?
I know I was. Once.

Aren’t we all getting to sucked into an economy and culture, media included, that panders more to the youth than any other demographic?

In an age when Madonna can get $20 million for shows if when she will be 60 years old, nothing is too absurd and burden is a song young people don’t have to listen till…

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