Tuesday, October 02, 2007

To succeed, does blogging really have to be dumb and stupid?

Successful blogs have much in common with successful mainstream media properties, covering a similar topic range from Paris to iPod. People magazine, E! News, Engadget, TMZ.com all are same.

Commenting on blogs on blogging, Lyndon Antcliff has to say this,
…they offer small lumps of candy floss like posts. Sweet, attractive but with zero nutrition.

We are what we read (& talk).
Lydon is right is saying that most of would rather read the Sun, eat food that that makes us fat and discuss highly biased politics.

The media caters to the tastes of the majority and I think that Lyndon is talking about blogging following the same path.

What is way out of this?
Again, Lyndon has a solution to this:
...there is that very, narrow path. The one where you can keep a little of your depth, whilst still being able to reach the mass market of the the idiots. That way is called the Story. You tell a story.

Useful.Something I might put that into action if I am to get myself some decent readership.

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