Tuesday, October 09, 2007

What Google CAN buy

Google share prices crossed the $600 a-share mark yesterday, which takes its market capitalization to about &188 billion, give or take a few hundred millions.

How long will this price growth sustain? We don’t know.
Can Google share prices reach the predicted $2000? We don’t know.
Can Google find more means of making money and not get stuck with a one-trick pony assessment?
And does it matter that Google is a one-trick pony?

Looking at reports of ad-supported mobiles coming soon to a wider user base, we can’t say for sure there is any harm in betting on advertising.

There have been a huge one-trick pony called Microsoft in the the PC/Windows/Office world before.

Om Malik has listed some companies whose combined market capitalization is less if not equal to Google’s market capitalization:

The New York Times Co. (NYT) ($2.86 billion),
Reuters (RTRSY) ($16.5 billion),
CBS (CBS) ($23 billion),
Viacom (VIA) ($28 billion),
News Corp. (NWS.A), ($71.5 billion) and
Yahoo (YHOO) ($35 billion)

Enough change left over for buying Facebook.

Of course, these are fanciful specimen of speculation, much like what Bill Gates’ money would buy. To buy anything that costs over $10 billion, Google might have to dilute its shares, which might evenbring the value down.

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