Friday, November 09, 2007

How Mark Zuckerberg went from Cool to Uncool in a Day

When Mark Zuckerberg got up to announce Facebook's 'User spams User' aka the Beacon Social Ads System, he did two things he wouldn't normally have done, but I guess the flush of easy Microsoft money was too rich to blow off quickly.

He starts with saying an idiotic pronouncement:
"Once every hundred years, media changes".
Yeah right, next thing, the bright one will say is that he invented the "pamphlet".

But more importantly, Mark forgot to wear his talismanic sandals.
If success is a show then Mark's Sandal ethic was the thing that may have attracted all those things into that giant ad system.

As technology started playing an increasingly important role in our lifestyle, Charisma has become a popular term during the two decades of 90s and 2001-till date.

This also corresponded with an unprecedented rise in business and technology journalism, blogging being the latest extension, coupled with growing hype of business schools, business book writers, motivational spekaers and so-called gurus and pundits.

More than any other industry, it comes to pass that it is in the technology industry, that the 'Charisma/Founder/Visonary' drama is played out most often.

Bill Gates vs. Steve Jobs, Microsoft vs. Google (and everything else that came before), Google vs. everyone else...the technology industry is full of drama, and why not?

Nothing beats the promise of quick riches and the resultant Hero Worship.

Maybe, the newly-minted paper billionaire Mark Zuckerberg should have stuck with the Sandals that brought him all the luck in the first place.

For long Mark Zuckerberg has aped Steve Jobs.
So, it may be the case that, like Jobs, Zuckerberg will bounce back again.

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