Thursday, January 03, 2008

30 Great Questions for Web 2.0 in 2008

A list of questions that need an answer in 2008.
If I get the time, I might do a separate post on each.

1. Who benefits if a social networking site is sold?
Digg users, take note.

2. Will you buy something just because your friend bought it and is suggesting you do?
And is this really the holy grail of E-Commerce?

3. Has Techcrunch peaked?

4. Is Techmeme valuable and useful?
In other words, doesn't it amplify and perpetuate the echo chamber?

5. Are people better at blogging than they were before, say 2005?

6. Are we in a bubble?
And, is this good bubble, for a change?

7. Who is the best all-in-one blogger?
Is Alex Iskold the only coder+CEO+blogger package we have?

8. Who has the chops to join the thinker/blogger gang of Nick Carr, Dave Winer, Umair and few others?

9. How will the citizen journalism idea change the news business and the newsroom in the long run?

10. Who holds the responsibility for a crowdsourced story?

11. Where is web 2.0 going wrong, if it indeed is?
Do we really seriously useful technology or do we consider technology that helps pass our time ( Bertrand Russell might have liked it) as the pinnacle of technological advancement?

12. Does the Silicon Valley get consumers and how consumers consume or are they too much into fancy terms like Social Graph?

13. How different are Networks and Communities?

14. Can email services such as really evolve into social networks?

15. Will human laziness burst the web 2.0 bubble for many sites or will they continue to be driven by factors such as Vanity?

16. Will we still be discussing the future of the newspaper with the intensity of 2007/2006?
(Barry Diller: Take the paper off news and I am very hopeful".)

17. Which big news sites will continue to be 'destinations'?
(Maybe other than,,,

18. Which news sites will the last pay sites standing?

19. What news content will users will agree to pay for, or is everyone going the teens' way, taking everything as free for granted?

20. When will Google stop the special preference to Wikipedia?
Not that it is not a good thing.

21. Can someone actually find a sustainable model for Citizen Journalism?

22. Is Local/Hyperlocal doable?

23. Who will be the bloggers' (and the clueless mainstream media) pet in 2008, now that Facebook (hopefully) is 'so old' and Twitter can't make a penny?

24. Is the internet harmful for professional writers or are they suffering from the deluge in supply?

25. When or how soon will Google release the API for Gmail?

26. Will Big companies open up the gates and allow more web 2.0 tools?

27. Will the flood of obtuse terminologies end? Management 2.0, huh?

28. Can web 2.0 make more people rich or we going to have a few Plantations (thank you, Nick Carr) dominate the proceedings?

29. As Scott Carp asked, ‘what if Media 2.0 is less profitable than media 1.0'?

30. Are professional blogs any different from traditional media, continuing with the same old banal coverage of useless coverage? Calling it 'Gadget Whoring', Joel Johnson's post at Gizmodo is perhaps the best tech writing of 2007.

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At 5:29 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

#31. Which is the best blog network after Gawker?

- your favorite spammer

At 3:59 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

When will Blog spam end?
- certainly not your favorite spammer.

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