Wednesday, January 09, 2008

7 things Small Bloggers wished Ego bloggers knew

1. Yes Virginia, there is a caste system in the Blogosphere.
We also know some bloggers have what we call in India as 'Setting'. At the recently held CES, some bloggers got a PRESS pass, entitling to certain privileges while others got a 'Blogger' pass. Some people who got the PRESS pass don't even cover tech issue on a day-to-day basis. One of them runs a Link Aggregator network masquerading as a Search engine.

2. The Lazysphere is another name for a band of desperate so-called Ego Bloggers who are frustrated that are not so IN as before.
One quality Ego Bloggers do actually possess : Shamelessness. We small bloggers can only marvel at the courage of all who call us names despite all our links that made them what they are today.

3. Small Bloggers are not lazy bastards, content to play in the Echo Chamber.
Don't confuse us with the SEO-savvy guy out to make a buck or two.

The Quality of blogging has gone up - the good ones among us are graduating to serious writing gigs.
We know our blogging can be our ticket to other good stuff in life.

It may surprise you but not every tech blogger aspires to be a rewriter of Techmeme and Engadget stories.

Looking at this Ego Blogger's ingratiating list of Bloggers worth a read, I can't but understand why he complains he wants us to do Deep blogging (another calling card of Ego bloggers: coining terms).

Tip for the Ego Blogger: Get out of the Ego Chamber and expand your reading list. If all else fails, read

4. Not every blogger writes to get onto Techmeme.
Where is the incentive? Take my example. When the automated agent from Techmeme deems my post worthy, I get no more than 5 additional pageviews. Others may be getting more. Blog writing doesn't pay for the coffee I had while writing the post.

I write my post because I like writing, not that I am great shakes at it but I sure hope to be a better writer, in say, 100 years.

5. The A-listers are not so funny any more.
The last time these guys were interesting was back in 2005. They no longer write posts about the ins and outs of new media startups.

They are all now slaves of very aggregators they helped promote - Digg, Techmeme, Technorati Top 100, Techmeme leader board.

Heavily addicted to the 'Number of posts a day' metric, these guys have moved on to running blogging empires, mediocre video/podcast shows, and assorted other career progressions. Where is the time to be funny when you can't have enough of spying on and dissing the owner of the rival blog network?

If it is funny and truth about web 2.0 that you want, is the place to go.

6. Don't get mad now that we won't take your bull shit anymore.
Us small bloggers can now easily identify the PR flack masquerading as pushers of Cool, the former Big Company blogger who will go to any lengths to promote his valley-constricted media ambitions, and the blogger who has run of genuine story ideas.

Besides, commenting on your blog posts is no more the fun-filled intellectual exercise it used to before.

7. We don't want to be Ego Bloggers like you.
We want to cover serious stories. We know few will read our take on the record industry's latest stance of CD-ripping, but we would like to write these stories anyway and see where it takes us.

At least, we weren't some distant Sun's Earth.

How to be an Ego Blogger

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