Friday, January 11, 2008

What a Web 2.0 user said to the machine: I own the data (you don't)

Given below, is an outline of a letter sent by a disgusted user of web 2.0 of sites like Facebook to the service:

"Look, mister, first you got me in, promising lost of fun things to do.
And Fun I have had, having poked 10,000 people so far.

But the fun ends now. To start, by default, the power to pull off my data should rest with me.
The power to make friends, allow spam... stays with me.

If you don't allow me to remove all of data whenever I please, then you are the giant machine/matrix/whatever they have been talking about in the movies.

What insults me more is that you go behind my back, making deals with others services that hold users data, and God knows what surgery you are going to do with my data.

If you want me to connect with users of other services, at least first ask me how I want to go about it.

And while we are at sharing data, why don't you create a simple jabber-like open protocol letting web 2.0 users connect each other, without us worrying who see what?

Bottom-line: I don't care on whose server farm my data is, the control stays with me. I will decide whom should I allow to scrape, import or mash my data.

This is my life's details we are talking about here.

You just focus on the advertising side and how to make your service better.

I like your service. But don't be evil.


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