Monday, March 03, 2008

The end for Bloggers vs. Journalists idea?

Going by current evidence, the bloggers vs. journalists fight is dead. When they will explain this in future Media History Classes, it will be said that slowly but surely, bloggers and journalists picked out the best practices from each other, and at the same time they managed to stay true to their respective ethos.

Without having to give up their reporters' hard work ethic, journalists are learning to take themselves less seriously, opening up to outside views and opinions in the comments below their blog posts. Forever proud of their freewheeling, hugely personal styles, bloggers are looking to reporters to do more reportage that is original and provide breaking news for their blog properties.

For more, read this in Mediashift and find out more about how mainstream news organizations are launching blogs for their reporters and blog network owners are hiring big name reporters to beef up their news operations, doing their best to more Service reporting.

It will not be a futile exercise if we looked forward to more news and more writers.

Graphic courtesy Blogumentary

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