Saturday, November 22, 2008

simplelist: 7 super reasons why you must start a blog right now

Forget that these are tough times. This is no time to moan about lost jobs and opportunities long gone. Time to haul yourself up and do something.

First, start a blog.
Here's why:

1. Start a blog to show and improve your knowledge about you domain - better than wasting time on social networking sites.
2. Start a blog to make a name in your industry - send you posts as emails to peers and bosses.
3. Start a blog to create a better online presence for yourself - who knows what secrets you have hidden in your online profiles on sites such as Facebook? Use the blog to impress HR people.
4. Start a blog to push your new business - a blog is a great way to sell and promote a wide variety of products and services.
5. Start a blog to build a better social network - your friends will love it when you invite them to write a post for your blog.
6. Start a blog to make some 'ad money' from writing - just make sure you are covering a 'lucrative' topic no one else is covering and in an unique, servicey style.
7. Start a blog to cover news and events in your locality - besides being unique and useful, it builds you profile. Who knows when a really juicy story comes across way next you find yourself in a TV news studio?

Finally, ignore all those 'made to attract clicks' cheapshot posts about death about blogging. Blogging is about the freedom of personal expression. How can it ever die?



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