Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Future of Local News is in Seattle

After Bill Gates, Grunge Music and Coffee Culture, Local News is Seattle's new entry to the Hall of Coolness. Two Seattle blogs, West Seattle Blog edited by Journalist Tracy Record and run by Cory Bergman are showing the way for local (or laid off, or both) journalists to use easy-to-use tools such as blogs and cover their neighborhoods obsessively, keeping a long term view in mind.

Tracy says journalists must be clear-minded about tools:

“Blog” is just a publishing format; it wouldn’t be in our name except for the fact that three years ago, we started the site as a more classic “blog”-format site, with personal opinion and observations. And “Blog” isn’t even our only format - we also send out content via Twitter, Facebook, Blip, and are always watching for any other way that a fair amount of people are starting to procure news/information.
Read an interview of Tracy Record taken by Angela Connor here.



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