Thursday, December 18, 2008

Jason Calacanis Censors Mahalo Answers

Time to revisit Ethics 101 for New Media Publishers. Valleywag reports that while Mahalo Answers was in beta this month, one tester, a disgruntled Mahalo employee asked, "Is Jason Calacanis cool?"

She answers this loaded question herself and vents out her frustration with her boss, Calacanis. Reportedly, Calacanis got his people delete the entry, but Valleywag has screenshots of the uncensored Mahalo Answers page.

Goes to prove, again, that New Media publishers are just Old Media bosses in new clothes. A sensible way to handle criticism is to take it on upfront Obama style or ignore it.

Question: As most news-related media properties turn into Online-only publications, including the NYT, will we see more of crude acts of censorships or are we going to have some rules about it?

After all, server space is pretty cheap.

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