Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Introducing the Web 2.0 Hall of Fame

In 2004, it was Facebook, in 2005, Digg, in 2006 Google bought Youtube, in 2007 Twitter and in 2008 Friendfeed and lifestreaming. In 2009, it is all about the recession, how few web 2.0 startups are making money. Andrew Chen writes that web 2.0 is not cool anymore. True if you only look at it from a business point of view.

Web 2.0 revolutionized the way we interacted on the internet. Web 2.0 fueled the Obama phenomenon.
However, web 2.0 as a business model hasn't worked for most. I have written a series of articles under the "web 2.0 hall of fame" title, trying to list the best things about web 2.0 - the tools, the sites and above everything else, the people who made it happen and set trends for others to follow.

You can access the articles (so, far only 7) here on Bighow.
My favorite articles from the series are:
the Forty people and forty sites of web 2.0 and
the 11 best books about web 2.0.

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