Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Would you like a degree in Facebook, Orkut and Twitter?

And while we are at it, a degree in blogging, podcasting and using Flickr? And be willing to pay $5676 for the course? The Birmingham City University in UK is offering a course in Social media. Commenting on this course, columnist on Politico website says this on Twitter,

Is about as brilliant as a degree in email would have been ten years ago.
What do I think? For $5776, I could pay for a couple of online journalists at my startup for local journalism, Bighow. For $5776, I could have gone ahead with my planned series of free Online Journalism Courses across India, being able to hold at least 6 of such events. The basic course material is already up here.

Bottomline: nothing like learning by doing. Start learning about social media by registering for a couple of social networking sites and blog daily.

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