Wednesday, April 22, 2009

How Online Journalism fared in the Pulitzers

2009 was the first time the Pulitzer awards considered Online-only news organizations. Sadly, no awards were given out 'to' or 'for' online journalism this time. Highlights about Online Journalism in the Pulitzers:

1. The Pulitzer Awards received 65 entries from 37 different online-only organizations.

2. Out of 65, 21 entries were rejected because the sites don't primarily do original reporting.

3. Only one primarily online organization,, a Washington-based politics news site, was a finalist - that too, in Cartooning. [Lesson: Politics and Cartooning are made for each other.]

4. Increasing role: Almost One in Four of all Journalism entries had Online news component.

5. Topics related to Online News content that were considered: Public Service News, Breaking News Reporting, Investigative Reporting, Local Reporting, National Reporting, Breaking News Photography and Feature Photography.

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