Sunday, April 19, 2009

Indian Bloggers getting into power lists

I am against people lists, especially the ones brought by foreign publications, which are mostly banal media branding/ego-boosting exercises. Having said that, it gives me pleasure this time around that an Indian Blogger is being considered on the same level as media magnates. Blogging in India may still be an Urban phenomenon, numbering in five figures, part-timers mostly, but the ground is changing fast.

Blogger Amit Verma at Indiauncut is listed as one of the 4 media-related entries in Businessweek Magazine's list of 50 most powerful people in India. I mentioned Amit in my story about biggest moments in Indian blogging history. He has a book coming up and has won the 2007 Bastiat Prize for his columns in Indian business paper Mint.

What do we learn from Amit's example?
Focus on some issues, write well.

Most importantly, start early.
Remember, Amit started blogging 5 years back.

Congratulations, Amit.
I sincerely hope to see more Indian bloggers working for change and using their power for good.

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