Friday, April 17, 2009

Where the Daily Kos Group Blog gets its information

Kos, founder of the leading liberal Group Blog in The United States did a study of all sources used by writers for the blog over last year. Results show an eclectic variety of sources and newspapers are not as dominant as they were thought to be:

Newspapers: 102 primary, 21 secondary
Blogs: 83 primary, 19 secondary
Advocacy organizations: 77 primary, 9 secondary
Television network: 69 primary, 14 secondary
Online news organizations: 54 primary, 5 secondary
Magazines and journals: 36 primary
Political trade press: 28 primary
Research/polling: 20 primary
Wikipedia: 21 primary, 8 secondary
Educational (.edu): 15 primary
Government: 14 primary, 5 secondary
Campaigns: 13 primary
Books: 6 primary
AP and other Wire: 5 secondary
Radio: 4 primary

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