Friday, December 25, 2009

The enduring wisdom of Mahesh Murthy

Some entrepreneurs are born writers. Good writers. Mahesh Murthy is one such good writer/entrepreneur. I used to read his articles in Businessworld running in 2000 and abouts. Good writeups. Good inspiration. Good advice laced with honest, punchy strains. I saved some cuttings. They were that good.

Thus, one is glad to read him writing that kind of writing again. In the Wall Street Journal, he writes a piece on the value of being an entrepreneur and it gives me heart and makes me willing to go on with Bighow.

Mahesh writes,

(Why I am an entrepreneur)...there are perhaps a few million types of jobs out there. And there are seven billion of us. So there’s obviously a lot of us who are not in jobs tailor-made for us. Look around you – know anyone who isn’t deliriously happy in their current job? Know anyone who is?

The rest of us just can’t find a job that suits us. And we really don’t like ‘adjusting’. So we make a job for ourselves. Where we like our bosses - ourselves, the business - our own, the working hours – whenever we feel like, and the location – wherever we are. We don’t do it to take a risk – we do it to be safe.

And the world calls us entrepreneurs, heroes of some sort. But really, we’re just folks who didn’t find a job that suited us well enough.


Startup is hard in New Delhi

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At 8:13 PM , Blogger Hari said...

My friend I used to love his articles on BW around the same time,
Thanks for the WSJ link.



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