Thursday, January 14, 2010

Which style of journalism do you prefer?

I prefer the Gawker/Valley/Gizmodo kind. Slay all the sacred horses! I liked the CES stunt Gizmodo did in 2008, when it used TV-B-Gone clickers to shut off TVs on display, mocking fawning, lazy people aka journalists who sit at the feet of gadget manufacturers.

Now, Valleywag, a Gawker imprint, has announced an Apple Tablet Scavenger Hunt offering rewards upto $100,000 to anyone who brings them real information about Apple's impending Tablet.

This goes against the normal style of functioning of the media-industrial complex, where each feeds off each other. Apple, in this case is famous for cultivating rumors about products and updates. Media outlets plot in agreement, hoping to get some exclusive bite or benefit from pageviews from gadget freaks.

When was the last time you found real technology insight from any mainstream media outlet? Glorified, albeit paid brochures, is what they actually are.

A typical media outlet, Techcrunch is understandably upset at Valleywag's dare and says it might face legal action from Apple.

Let us shake it up. Somebody give me a million dollars. Am going to set up a bounty to catch our rulers 'in the act'



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