Thursday, September 16, 2010

Why Google Is Better Than Facebook

Money. One reason why most sellers benefit more from Google than Social Media websites. For every story that you read about Facebook beating Google in terms of Traffic and Time spent, consider the INTENT factor. Why do you use Google? And why do you use Facebook or Twitter?

Recently, SEO Guru Rand Fishkin gave a long interview to another SEO guru Aaron Wall. This is what Rand had to say on the difference b/w Traffic from Google and that from Facebook, Twitter and other stars in the Social Media galaxy:

(Aaron Wall): I remember you once posted about getting lots of traffic from Facebook & Twitter, but almost 0 sales from it. Does there become a point where search is not the center of the web (in terms of monetization), or are most of these networks sorta only worthwhile from a branding perspective?

(Rand Fishkin): As direct traffic portals, it's hard to imagine a Facebook/Twitter user being as engaged in the buying/researching process as a Google searcher. Those companies may launch products that compete with Google's model or intent, but as they exist today, I don't foresee them being a direct sales channel. They're great for traffic, branding, recognition and ad-revenue model sites, but they're of little threat to marketers concerned with the relevance or value of search disappearing.
Until something better comes along.

Update: Facebook will make $2 Billion from brands and organizations pushing Fan Pages in its Walled Garden.

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At 7:44 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't quite get consumers becoming 'fans' of brands, celebs and kind, in an enclosed Times Square kind of space.

Spell 'fascism' for me.


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