Wednesday, December 15, 2010

There is a problem with the content business in India. What problem?

If you believe Comscore data, then Indian content-based websites [Yahoo, Rediff, the Newspapers etc.] registered a flat traffic growth in 2010.

Indian internet usage is growing. More and more Indians access the internet on their mobile phones [or is it just Facebook, Twitter?]. Then, why is the Indian content traffic story so sad?

Sinha, who runs, which I think is the Indian Techcrunch, asks, 'Are these content players just not innovating enough?'

...most of these companies do not offer any fresh perspective or insight (most of the content sites in India are news aggregators).
...the reality of the matter is that very few content sites in India offer compelling content (i.e. beyond bikini pictures).

Good points. Then he asks,
Is there a ceiling to content business in India?

Maybe, we are taking a narrow view here.
There is life, a rather rich life, outside the portals - Sinha misses out on the rise of blogs (blogs on Hindi movies are my favorite source of Hindi movies rather than the Times of India), forums on TV shows, rise of Social Networking where users share what they think of the latest movie or TV show (which earlier used to be the domain of big media).

Finally, you have to look at the language situation: It is not just about English. If you look at the Indian TV business, the reach of English TV news channels is minuscule compared to Hindi TV news and General Entertainment channels. Something is happening in the Newspaper business.

The Indian internet content business is looking for a rise in usage of the vernacular internet. Where is the Hindi Android?

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