Sunday, December 05, 2010

Which is the most trusted media outlet in India?

I trust my news sources to go and bring all the information they can find for me on a topic. I do not trust my news sources to be balanced. I trust my news sources to be honest with me. I do not trust my news sources to be truthful, however they might claim. Trust in news media is an oxymoron. You do the truth-finding yourself. You do not outsource it to some self-appointed gate-keeper.

Having said, the image above is an early snapshot of an Ongoing poll on "India's most trusted media outlets". As expected Indian Express and Hindu have the most votes. NDTV is taking a beating.

Note: I am sorry for the tiny text size in the image. The list of items in the poll was large and it was tough to get a readable screenshot. Click on the image and zoom for the names.

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