Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Are We all Just 9-5 Facebook-Enabled Wage Animals?

In the eyes of the business elites, humans are valuable because they are wage slaves, whose progress is only measured in terms of productivity - articles per day, calls per hour, time to answer questions..., and nothing else.

Hal Varian, who is some sort of a glorified philosopher at Google, says:
"If you look at the history of the world, up until 1700 nothing much happened."

Why? Because productivity statistics were not available then.

The Da Vincis, Thoreaus, and Shakespeares of the world do not matter in this Six-sigma-worshiping world.

Living to work, to pay the bills, is the only thing that matters.

We are all just Facebook-enabled animals.

This is what the business elites would like us to believe, rising inequality be damned.

All we got to do is be useful for the businessman around the corner.

In the 19th century, horses held the same position.



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