Thursday, March 03, 2011

Blogging lessons from Heather Armstrong: I am glad Facebook wasn't around when I started

Heather Armstrong, who runs the famous (and highly profitable) Dooce blog, discusses about blogging and the impact of social sites such as Facebook on blogging, in this New York Times article :

...a lot of people don't blog even, they use Facebook. Facebook wasn't around when I launched my site. I'm kind of glad it wasn't or else I wouldn't be where I am today.

On whether Twitter and Facebook will replace blogging:
...people use Facebook to keep in touch and people use blogs to tell stories. There are times on Twitter when I find someone and I want to find what else they write, I'm looking around to see if they have a Tumblr or a blog.

On reasons for her huge success at blogging:
I think my success has been a combination of several factors: one of the big ones is that I've been around for a long time, I've stuck with it, I've had a lot of life events that made the trajectory interesting...My suggestion has always been that you should find an existing community who you would like to have reading your site and hang out with them

On the challenges of blogging:
I'm not sure that what I've been doing is easily replicable...It's a lot of work. I think anybody who has started [blogging] and stopped in the last 10 years knows that; many people stopped because it was too much work. Curating and posting 140 characters is a lot easier. 

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