Thursday, March 03, 2011

How to disrupt any industry, Version 2.0

This post could be titled "How to disrupt list-type articles and really help the user". Jason Baptiste writes "9 Ways To Disrupt And "Hipmunk" An Industry". It is a good article. Jason always writes well. But it is in danger of being just another generic list article. So, I went ahead, rearranged the list, put in some categories, and now I can understand what I have to do with my next startup. The modified list in summary:

A. The Industry: 
1. Find Something Tied To A Process That Consistently Sucks
2. Make Unsexy Businesses Sexy
3. Look For An Industry That Rarely Changes

B. The Service:
4. Simple And Clean Interfaces Come First
5. Deliver Great Support

C. The Users:
6. Focus On Power Users
7. Work Towards Building Fanatics

D. The Competition:
8. Call Out Your Competitor (and wage war)
9. Be Disruptive, But Respectful

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