Thursday, March 31, 2011

Jay-Z, the Mayawati of Rap Music

If Mayawati (Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh) uses her Dalit status to get rich, citing her wealth (and that of the party) to the anonymous and generous donations of well-wishers, then Rap Artist Jay-Z does something similar to make millions (soon billions) by pimping out all sorts of branded products centered around his carefully crafted image.

Both of these remarkable persons will point out to the dark state of their caste/race through speeches/slogans/rap songs/pliable media, and then going on to behave like 'The Man' and amass huge personal fortunes for themselves.

Recently,  Jay-Z's minders got the respected Atlantic magazine to drop a story about Jay-Z making $4 million per year for endorsing a sparkling wine called Armand de Brignac. The wine costs  about $13/bottle to produce, and it sells for upwards of $225/bottle.

It is nothing political or musical, only business.

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