Monday, March 21, 2011

What is the real truth behind IIPM? What to do about it?

What is the real truth behind Indian Institute of Planning & management? It is important that students and parents, who are spending expensive amounts for a degree (and education), learn about IIPM's suspect quality.

Recently, examined each of IIPM's claims (superior course, global exposure, international faculty and dollar salaries), and found no evidence to support the claims. No institution or company Careers360 talked to, could verify IIPM's claims.

In fact, the IIPM controversy has its own Wikipedia entry. In 2005, blogger Gaurav Sabnis pointed out to an investigation by JAM college magazine. The ensuing bullying tactics cost Gaurav his job at IBM. IIPM forced a professor, professor Amit Kapoor to remove the 'offending' blog post (just Google it).

In this age of pervasive transparency (Wikileaks, Radia Tapes etc.) why is an anomaly like IIPM thriving in style? It puts up multi-page advertisements in the big papers and none of these respectable names are willing to investigate the tall claims made by IIPM.They want their advertising income.

The Media-(for profit)Educational nexus is something that is yet to be exposed in this country, where everybody is out to milk the demographic dividend for all that it's worth, proper education be damned. [See the above Graphic about the IIPM-Media Nexus - Via Careers360 website]

What other options do parents and students have? Going to consumer courts is an option. Complaining to the the Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) is also a good idea.

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