Friday, April 15, 2011

The Apocalypse Now Times: Handwritten Newspapers From Ravaged Japan

Proof that newspapers will survive, even during apocalypses. Newseum has this story about reporters in Tsunami-hit Japan creating handwritten newspapers for 6 days, while the power was gone:
For six consecutive days after the twin disasters, reporters used flashlights and marker pens to write their stories on poster-size paper and posted the "newspapers" at the entrances of relief centers around the city. Six staff members collected stories, while three spent an hour and a half each day writing the newspapers by hand.
You used to find hand-drawn newspapers, created by poor kids, pasted on the pillars of Inner Circle in Connaught Place.

Getting students to create 4 - page handwritten newspapers, and spreading them with photocopies, can be an excellent way to teach news writing.

There will be no mobile towers in an apocalypse.



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