Saturday, April 02, 2011

The banality of the Indian Newspaper Columnists

Akaar Patel writes a typically banal (warning: you will the word 'banal' quite a lot in this post today) column in the Mint newspaper. He basically says that everything about Indian cricket is banal and self-centered - the Indian cricketers play for records (will you leave Sachin alone for a moment?); Indian cricket commentators are banal & blathering morons (as if there was a school for sports commentary); and the Indian sports fans are ignorant/uncultured louts who cannot see their favorite stars fail (what about the football tragedies in Europe and those frequent clashes between club and ciuntry supporters?).

Patel comes across as one of those uppity Indian columnist who has read some more books than the rest of us, and whose contempt for fellow Indians often results in banal & wordy columns which seem to go nowhere.

I know I sound just as bad, but nobody messes with my favorite sport, that too on a wholesale basis.

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