Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bob Woodward on the News bubble: There’s too much emphasis on speed and feeding the impatience people have

Bob Woodward, of 'All the President's Men' fame, says to a gathering of journalism students that there is a severe “news bubble” developing in forms of page-view-led blogging or AOL-type mass profit-led newswriting, all of which make 'authentic journalism' difficult to support:
“I think there’s too much emphasis on speed and feeding the impatience people have. … In many ways, journalism is not often enough up to the task of dealing with the dangerous and fragile nature of the world, or the community, or anything you might try to understand. [The world requires] high quality, probing journalism. And there’s just not been enough of it.”
AOL way is not the only way. A writer explains the importance of great news stories, and of long-form journalism at a Rolling Stone/Long Reads panel:
A great story is a great story. The platform matters but it’s not the most important thing, ...The important thing is the story can’t be bland and it can’t suck. If something is great, people will want to read it, and they’ll read it whether it’s on the Web or in the magazine.

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