Friday, April 08, 2011

How the trend of comic book superhero and fantasy films hurts literature

In one way, Hollywood is becoming more and more like Bollywood. Bollywood's bad films are the dominant form of literature for most Indians. Similarly, Hollywood's incessant supply of comic book superheroes and fantasy films may be hurting the cause of good literature in America. You can call the first decade of 21st century the Comics/Fantasy decade.

Canadian actress Neve Campbell, of the "Scream" series and "Wild Things" fame, says in an interview with The Guardian:

There's not a whole lot of courage from the studios,...It's actually very sad where movies, and the studios, are at the moment. Every single comic, every book, is being made into a film. Do you know an author pitching a book nowadays is asked to consider whether there's a possibility of making a film from it? So films are even starting to limit the kinds of books we'll be able to read.

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