Friday, April 08, 2011

A Tale of Two Roads in India: Demographic Nightmare, Not Demographic Dividend

What's an 'unskilled, underutilised, frustrated young population' to do? There are two roads for the young of India. The first road is is the one taken by Gandhi and Democracy. It is a long road. There are many false ends and mirages. On this road, the people who have had a head start, will reap the most benefits - rich people, powerful people and the dynasties.

The restless young is tiring of all this mess. All this inequality and hypocrisy is making them scream inside.They know the Anna Hazare fast has been hijacked by the Media, the opportunists and the pretentious. They have been to the Jantar Mantar and they have seen the circus.

They know it is impossible to make politicians and bureaucrats accountable and responsible. They know they don't have the means to win over money power in politics. They know their ashes will be down at the sea floor before any bureaucrat is actually sent to jail for his crimes.

Which brings us to the second road. This road is not pretty. We got to this road during the bloody French revolution. And the Russian revolution.

Blood flows on the streets. Sanity takes a holiday. Evil takes over. It is not a good time to be on anybody's hate list. It is a great time for future storytellers.

This second road will be the bloody, immortal epitaph for a generation that can have no other claim to history in these aspirational, consumerist age.

We will never have so many young Indians alive ever.

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