Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Is Meritocracy a sham?: What happens after you get into an IIT/IIM or beyond

So, you got "coached". Passed the entrance exams. Got yourself on the path to a secure life ahead. But, what do you actually contribute to society? Do you live up to the reputation of how "brainy" you are?

I often hear stories about arrogant IITians in companies who treat students from lesser institutes (as well as people with experience) with disdain, doing little work, bossing over others, and obsessing over EMIs and latest consumer aspirations. Same goes for IIM type people. I wonder how many of these stories are true.

Is this all what the IIT/IIM dream was about? Becoming rabid consumers? Is Meritocracy a sham? Nothing but fancy-word, poster art for the aspirational middle class?

Relevant Read: What becomes of Asian-American overachievers after the test-taking ends?

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