Wednesday, November 16, 2011

We are all in showbiz, we are all selling, we are Generation Sell

Probably the best description of a society in the age of social media marketing (Twitter, Facebook), search engine optimization (Google), where our likes, shares, tweets, et all, have to mean something, have to sell something. Read it in full here.

Best part #1 (sorry for over-aggregation, but can't help it)

....we’re all in showbiz now, walking on eggshells, relentlessly tending our customer base. We’re all selling something today, because even if we aren’t literally selling something (though thanks to the Internet as well as the entrepreneurial ideal, more and more of us are), we’re always selling ourselves. We use social media to create a product — to create a brand — and the product is us. We treat ourselves like little businesses, something to be managed and promoted.

And, the best part #2:
Bands are still bands, but now they’re little businesses, as well: self-produced, self-published, self-managed. When I hear from young people who want to get off the careerist treadmill and do something meaningful, they talk, most often, about opening a restaurant. Nonprofits are still hip, but students don’t dream about joining one, they dream about starting one. In any case, what’s really hip is social entrepreneurship — companies that try to make money responsibly, then give it all away.



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