Friday, December 23, 2011

Foxnewsification: Everyone is a troll

Everyone is a troll nowadays. Including all the glorified TV News anchors forcing down or throats their biased, belligerent opinions, believing their half-assed reasons (boosted by their right connections in positions of power) are the only ones that matter. Read this essential post on 'Foxnewsification of news'. It is about American news media, but it pretty much applies everywhere else. The part that I like most:

Fox News killed the internet trolls. All of them. Or, you know, Fox News gave jobs to a few of them and legitimized the rest creating what I like to call “The Foxnewsification of mainstream media”. These days, MatrixMansplainers really mean what they are saying. Their sexism, racism, hatred, bigotry, their anger are not just argumentative tactics, they are legitimate drivers for policy making. 

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